Intern Overseas Design

Published Date: 25 November 2021

Expired Date: 04 March 2022

Compulsory Requirement :

  • Degree

Requirement & Responsibility :

Must have:

- English skills

- Design static visual assets (e.g. combine our product with stock image & design elements) for use in all online and offline platforms such as social media, in-store displays and events

- Simple illustration of vector shapes for use in visual assets (e.g. manga version of POCARI SWEAT bottle or a person running etc)

- Adaptation of artwork to other formats (e.g. POSM, EDM size)

- Quick turnaround for minor yet urgent changes (e.g. to change copy within an image or resize specific design elements within half a day)

- Simple draft translation of AIO’s articles from Bahasa to English for Pocari SG’s reference and adaptation (SG will further edit the translated text before using)


Nice to have:

- Video editing ability (e.g. piece together videos sent by SG team and add transitions to create video assets)

- Photo taking ability (e.g. conduct product shoot for SKUs)

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Job Level : -
Job Function : Graphic Design
Location : Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
Job Type : -

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